Background: Integrins have recently been proposed as having a major role in endometrial receptivity.

Objective: The aim of this study was the investigation of different patterns of integrins expression during the normal endometrial oestrous cycle.

Material and method: Stages of estrous cycle were determined in mice by analysis of vaginal smears. The animals were sacrificed by cervical dislocation and the tissues were obtained from the middle 1/3 part of their uterine horns immediately and processed for immunostaning studies.

Results: Integrins were maximally expressed in the metestrus phase of endometrum. I Beta 3, alpha 4 and beta 1 integrins  were detected inluminal and glandular epithelial  but alphav integrin was detected only in glandular epithelium.Also, alphav and beta 3 integrins were seen in the stroma .

Conclusion: Expression of integrins in metestrus phase of oestrous cycle in mouse around the time of the implantation window suggests a role for these proteins in endometrial function and implantation.

Key words: Endometrium, mouse, integrin, immunohistochemistry, implantation


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